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Thank you to the over 300 fabulous people who "sent us the money." We are humbled and thrilled. And truly mostly we so grateful for the caring messages that came in letting us know how our websites have been helpful to you over the years. 

My assistant, Meg Mettler, and I just drew the names for the prizes we are giving away. Those prizes are: 

  • Flourish Displays donating a $300 gift certificate
  • Photographer & all round good guy who has helped so many of us Larry Berman is donating $200 worth of special expertise and his photography services
  • Franklin Piuck of is donating four 15 minute private website review Zoom sessions. You remember Frank, he did two website podcasts with me and a Zoom meeting to help artists get those websites working.

There are six prizes, but we have learned that even those those prizes are very tempting to some people, some of them aren't. So we drew 15 names and if your name is in the list below: 1) look over the prizes and make a choice; 2) email asap your choice. 

  1. Andrea Olson
  2. Carol Carey
  3. Penny Grossenbacher
  4. Carol Larsen
  5. Jennifer Moffitt
  6. Frances Landfear
  7. Patty Gregory
  8. William Geren
  9. Kelly Miller
  10. Andrew Shea
  11. Joseph Murray
  12. Joseph Raia
  13. Carol Littman
  14. Katie Hoffman
  15. Kit Hanson

Sending love out to the art fair community, the kindest, most fun, empathic, generous people around. I'm forever grateful that I found the art fair business and have been able to participate in so many parts of it. 

Love to all,


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Comment by Carol Larsen on August 14, 2020 at 6:35pm
Why I donate? Because I believe Art Fair Insiders is one of the best “all” inclusive artist communities available online.
The information, the forums/posts/podcasts are invaluable. Having some leading recognized experts weigh in on topics can not be quantified. Since day one, I have always tried to be part of any fundraising for any reason to support the organization and tell all my friends in the arts it is the right thing to do. I am always thrilled to be a donor.
Comment by Kit Hanson on August 14, 2020 at 5:33pm

I am more than happy to contribute to your "Just $2 Campaign" as my way of saying thank you for your ongoing support of our community. Your radio blog "How Artists Can Apply for Economic Relief" gave me the information I needed to understand the programs available to sole proprietors. My applications were accepted for two of the programs you and your guests described during your broadcast. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You helped keep my business alive during these difficult times. I am very grateful.

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