Interesting Words from Ann Arbor

I had a great time this year at Ann Arbor.  Amid the lovely, heartfelt compliments there were a few comments I "collected" and thought you all might get a chuckle out of them...

Two separate buyers assured me I shouldn't worry because my work would be "going to a good home."

A lady with a very obvious Chinese accent and a large camera pointed at my ceramic art:

"Is all of this made in the US?"

Another  lady scrutinizing the sculpted ceramic herons I make:

"Where do you get your birds?"

And my all time favorite, overheard from a man crabbing into his cell phone on State Street:

"There are all these stupid white tents everywhere, and I can't find my bus stop!"

(Doesn't it just make you wonder if he noticed there weren't any buses?)

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  • Too funny!

  • It's been a great day to remember all those wonderful people at Ann Arbor. My hat goes off to those people who actually walk the whole show, taking days to see everything. Then going back to make their purchases and support their favorite artists. I can barely make it to my booth after the first few days. I know that many have no idea that there are different shows, where one ends and the next begins, and the fact that we have to jury in for the opportunity to showcase our work. It's a marathon for all of us. Patron and artist alike. People drive for hours to get to the show. They fly in from all over the country just to be there during the festival. It's as much a destination for the patrons as it is for the artists. They look forward to seeing us as much as we look forward to having them stop by the booth to say hello....and hopefully buy another piece to add to their collection.
    The townspeople deal with many huge events coming to their town. The streets are kept clean, garbage is removed, food delivered and people are able to get in and out of town with relative ease. During football season, they even park cars on the golf courses. For me, Ann Arbor is an opportunity to reconnect with my tribe, my patrons, and the support that all the artists in my area give each other. We always take a moment to check in at the back of the booth making sure all is well. It's family in the true sense of the word.
  • Candiss, you cracked me up!

  • "Or the person who complained that we were in the parking spot where he parks in the morning to get his Starbucks."

    I'd have said, "Sorry, but I'm parked here now" ;-)

  • Witty observations, well written.

  • I love the comments at Ann Arbor. There are always some great ones. We set up in the entrance to one of the parking structures and each year, someone drives past security, stops at our booth and says.....You need to move that booth. I have to get in and park. Sometimes, they even add....My GPS told me to come this if that makes it valid! This year, we added a new one. A gentleman, with his family in tow walked out of the parking lot, onto the street and turning to his son said, "these booths are not here all the time" what a great command of the obvious. Or the person who complained that we were in the parking spot where he parks in the morning to get his place to park? I told him to wait....I would be moving in about four days.......only in Ann Arbor!
  • LoL! 

  • Too funny!  My all time favorite I heard was a man answering his cell phone and telling the person that he was speaking to that he was at the flea market.

  • Thanks for sharing...too funny!

  • hahahaha  this is a funny post.

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