I always went to upcoming months on calendar to see upcoming applications due highlighted in red, now I see maybe 8 in a month.  Very difficult , impossible in fact.  Larry, can you  help?  or anyone?

how are other people faring with this new format?

Would appreciate any feedback, thanks.

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  • Fantastic! Much better, thank you. Can see the whole month's deadlines at a glance

  • Hi Laura,

    We actually did launch a version of the old calendar last week! The full version of the calendar is only available on desktop but it is the default view when you go to the Events Calendar on your computer. You can find it here: https://www.zapplication.org/events-calendar.php

    Participating Events is still a page on ZAPP, you can find it here: https://www.zapplication.org/participating-events.php. To see only the events that are currently accepting applications, log in to ZAPP, open the Menu, and select "Apply to Shows." 

    We would be happy to look into any specific feedback you have regarding the My ZAPPlications page! Emailing us at contactzapp@westaf.org is the best avenue for feedback.

    All the best,


  • Hi Andrea,

    While we will not be offering the old system, we would be happy to address your concerns – particularly if you are having difficulty using the new site. To get the quickest response, and to help us categorize your feedback, please email us at contactzapp@westaf.org.

    Thank you,


  • Still having difficulty working with new Zapp format, especially  the calendar and the display of your "my zapplications".

    Thought I had read that Zapp was considering giving artists the option of using the new callendar format or the old.  Also difficult to find particular shows you are interested in- they used to have "participating events" which was so helpful. 

    Still frustrated and feeling stymied by the new format.  Pls make some changes, Zapp!

  • The new system is so much hard to view and use.  

    I hope they will provide a choice between the old and new systems.  I think most of us would prefer to use the older one.

  • Hi Steve,

    Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention! We are working on it, however, currently, you will need to copy and paste the contract terms into a Word or Google document and print it from there to ensure no information is covered by the header. We apologize for the inconvenience around printing. 



  • Hi Patricia,

    Thank you for also emailing us! We responded to that email but please let us know if you are still struggling to log in. 



  • Did you test out printing the information for a show? I need to document the contract terms when I apply for a show. On firefox, almost nothing prints out and on chrome/edge, information is covered up by the menu bar. You need to adjust the CSS for print. Also, hide the up arrow on print.

  • I can’t even log into it.

  • Hi Jeri,

    That's a great point. Believe it or not, the site has always functioned that way. The tricky part is that Participating Events lists all shows on ZAPP, while Apply to Shows is a filtered version of that list that displays only events that are currently accepting applications. Because the event info pages are publicly viewable (you don't have to be logged in to see them), that link right now goes back to the page that non-logged in users see (because non-logged in users don't see Apply to Shows). 

    You can click the "back" button in your browser to return to apply to events, and while it won't retain your search criteria, you will be in the section you want to be in. I definitely appreciate this feedback, and we'll discuss ways to make that smoother. I totally understand the issue with that workflow right now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!



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