Funky Ferndale, D.I.Y. and Rust Belt Market

Well, Funky Ferndale was indeed funky, exciting and chock-a-block with art lovers last week-end.  The D.I.Y. Art Fair takes place east of Woodward Ave. on Nine Mi.Rd. (in Ferndale, MI) and extends on through the city's library parking lot.  I don't believe this is a juried art fair but I could be wrong about is, however, delightfully quirky and attracts hordes of Ferndale hipsters and arty types.  On the other side of Woodward, also on Nine Mi.Rd., is the juried Funky Ferndale Art Festival which is a little more upscale in it's scope and level of artistic endeavors.


I was 'manning' the booth I share with a fellow artist that week-end in The Rust Belt Market which is right in-between the two art fairs in what used to be a huge Old Navy store.  It was converted several years ago to a year-round artist's market and event space which is open on week-ends only but attracts a pretty steady and loyal following.  I did manage to take a 30 min. break friday evening and race around to both art fairs but didn't really have time to speak with many artists or determine how they were doing early on.  

The weather couldn't have been better and the crowds seemed to have come out for it and I did see several people carrying what appeared to be art purchases but I'm hoping that someone who was an artist participant will volunteer more feedback than I can provide.

Did any of you do this event?  Please fill in the blanks... 

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  • Thanks Tina.  I have often wondered about this show and the type of art that is displayed there.  Someday I would like to see it.

  • OMG! That is the first time you have said something positive on this site, Paul! I'm excited about that. I know Mark Loeb really works hard. Great to hear this.

  • Funky Ferndale was great. Great crowds, nice vibe. Next-gen customers. Mark puts on a hell of a show and does great things for this community.

  • Connie, yes they came in but they weren't buying...just strolling around and using the bathroom facilities mostly.  I was there for 10 hours on friday and only sold a couple of things.  It was a little bit better on saturday/sunday.  My hope was that since they weren't buying much at Rust Belt that they were shopping the art fairs instead with the knowledge that they could always come back to Rust Belt some other time...and yes, definitely a young crowd.

  • How were the sales in the Rust Belt Market, Tina? Did the people out on the street come into the building?

  • Thanks, Tina.

    This had to be a bonanza weekend for the shops and restaurants in Ferndale, glad to hear the crowds were there. It attracts a somewhat younger crowd than the more northern suburbs because the housing is full of young families and people who want to live close to the city. I know members besides Scott were there ... hope it was a good one.

  • Yes, I did Funky Ferndale. But my sales were not as high as Black Swamp...

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