Flourish SlimLine tent and ProPanels for Sale

I'm selling my 10' x 10' SlimLine tent with awning (7' height), 9 ProPanels (oatmeal), matching ProPanel print rack, and director's chair because I'm moving to New York. Also including hanging hardware and floor rug. Asking $1,200 for all. I'm in Kansas City MO. 8869203866?profile=original8869204663?profile=original

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  • Is this still available?


  • Are the propanels still available?

  • A van is usually sufficient. I was using a commercial van, but several of my friends transport their tents and set-ups in regular passenger vans with the rear seats removed. You won't need a trailer unless you prefer to hitch a trailer to a truck or SUV.

  • Hi Susan, I'm located in Northeast MO and can drive to Kansas City to buy these. I am just starting out as a festival artist and have been looking for a booth setup. As a newbie, my question is... how do you transport them? Do I need a trailer? Thanks!

  • Thank you for your prompt response. Here is my email: sayeedsyed24@gmail.com or you can reach at 814-494-6679.
    Thanks again.
  • I would prefer to sell it in Missouri, but if I do not I will bring it to New York. Perhaps we should talk closer to my move date in early July.

  • Hi in case if you dont sell this in MO, are u plan of bringing to New York, I am in New Jersey.
  • Thank you so much!

  • For those interested in only the chair; here is the link: https://jerryzelm.typepad.com/files/back_2_health_brochure.pdf

  • No worries!  I totally understand.  Can you give me the information that is written on the chair?

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