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Dogwood Art Festival, Knoxville, Tennessee, April 27-29

Well, most of you might be saying Wah? Never heard of this one...But there is something to be said for a small show in a town that has seen lots of revitalization in their downtown but not much art happening. This show has gone on for the last 35 years ( I believe) but has always been a mixed bag of art, soap and local jewelry. But It is changing. Yes, some of those items were still there... but there was a new upgrade to fine art that was appreciated and bought.
With about 90 artist scattered around the downtown Market Square Mall and a pretty area called Krutch Park, the crowds came in earnest. The food trucks ( and there were many options) were far enough away from the art that the art became center stage. Music played from a central stage with a mixed bag of entertainment and honestly, I was glad I wasn't too close to that area as it was pretty loud. On every block, there were varied street performers.
The weather was fabulous, the first three really nice warm days that brought the crowds out and with booth fee, 350 dollars, the show was well worth it. For those of us that have thought that the only way to reap rewards in this business is to do the Plaza's and the Cherry Creek's's interesting to me how small town's and city's are getting more art savvy and want more options besides the two or three galleries that maybe are in town. Our business is on the upswing in places like this. They are spending money, lots of money and it's nice to see. Might be worth looking into shows similar...because I did great and I am becoming a major believer that sometimes you don't have to go cross country to get to a great show.

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Comment by Connie Mettler on May 24, 2018 at 3:50pm

Okay, now I'm confused. Marge reported on a show in Tennessee and then others are chiming in about Kentucky. Asheville, Nashville, Knoxville? Hopefully you do know the difference otherwise you'll end up in the wrong town on the right date ;) Please GPS first. 

I have to agree that these smaller cities who have finally learned the value of the arts and the cultural attractions and are redoing their downtowns are ripe for a good art show. Whoever knew anything about Greenville, SC? Yet, it has one of the best shows in the business and not a bad drive for the many artists who live east of the Mississippi.

Comment by Sandra Erden on May 3, 2018 at 11:36am

Hi, I am a jewelry artist from Miami, Fl. I would like to have more input on this fair since I have never been to Kentucky for an art fair. My expenses to get there will be high, I am wondering if it is worth it My average price per piece is $200.

Any information and advice.I would appreciate it.

Comment by Oscar Matos Linares on May 2, 2018 at 9:06am

This in the list for next year because I can not count with the Texas shows but I am willing to go back and forward for this one. A friend told me about three years ago but it always conflict with Southlake, OKC and Cottonwood. I did not know if it was worth  doing the back and forward.

Comment by Brenda Flynn on May 2, 2018 at 7:14am

Margaret - this was one of the first festivals I did when I lived in Kentucky - primarily because my ex and I both loved the Nashville area! It was super tough pulling in with our truck and trailer due to the tight streets, but I remember it as being worth the effort - and the dogwoods were gorgeous! I got some great photos, too, and the whole experience left a good memory!

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