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  • Waiting on my Square NFC reader as well. The interim reader works well enough, but will not function without a solid internet connection. I suspect the ApplePay reader will have the same issue.

    From Square Support: Chip card transactions and contactless (NFC) payments can’t be processed in Offline Mode at the moment. You’ll need an Internet connection to process these types of payments through Square.

    We understand the importance of using Offline Mode at your business and we’re working to make this possible.
  • Jim...I have had several requests at shows asking if I accepted apple payment from the customers iPhone. It has just been a few but will most likely increase as the payment by phone popularity increases. The $29 reader you mention doesn't work with the telephone payment but their $49 reader that is not yet available will accept it.

  • $29.00. It's on the product page but you have to look for it.
  • Square already has a reader that will accept chip cards and also swipe striped cards. It's $29.95 on their site. It works well, if you have an internet signal. It plugs into audio jack same as the older reader.
  • I spoke with a customer support person with Square yesterday and asked some questions about the Miura card reader and if there would possibly be one available anytime soon that would accept both apple and android. The info on their website clearly states that it is only compatible with apple it gives Bluetooth connection instructions...and the square customer service rep told me that it only works by plugging it in with a USB plug ???? Either their literature is all wrong or they have people there that are uninformed about their products.

    I also asked when they plan to ship the new device I pre-ordered several months ago...the one  that is Bluetooth and accepts both apple and android with chip cards and apple pay. All they could say was "later on this Fall"

  • Miura M010

  • I considered it and the big negative for me is that it only works with the apple app and is not  android compatible.

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