Well Covid times demand new thinking.

Here is one strategy that I use when sitting at a bar and wanting my social distance

This works for a single or a couple.

I live in Florida on the beach below Daytona

It is the wild, wild, west in Florida.  People are shoulder to shoulder at bars and restaurants. Everybody feels immortal, we ain’t getting no fricking Covid?

Science proves otherwise.

So when I did one of my first shows in Naples this year, I went to one of my fav restaurants, Bonefish Grille, great fresh fish and awesome libations.

Well, the bar was packed. I slid into a chair near the end, by myself.

There was an empty chair to my left, and then it was packed to the other end of the bar.

So, I ordered two draft beers, and when they arrived, I put one in front of the empty chair to the left.  Of course I drank the other.

Worked all night.  Nobody came and tried to sit in the chair.  If somebody had asked if the chair was available, I would have told them my brother was coming any minute.  It works.

I have employed this strategy everywhere I go in the Pandemic.  It works like a charm.

In the photo I posted for this blog I am at the Ocean Breeze bar and grille in New Smyrna right on the ocean.  It is Monday Monday which means all drinks and food are half price at the bar, for men.  The place is packed.

Notice, to the left is a draft and to the right is another draft.  My tequila is in the middle where I sit.

I figure my life is worth more then two drafts.  All the the bartenders love my strategy.

Most, would just put a glass of water in front.  But I will eventually drink most of both drafts and then go home and have a great afternoon nap.

Try it out, it works.

PS, got my second vac last Tuesday.8869205880?profile=original.

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  • INGENIOUS! I'm a numbers guy, so even with my shots I still mask up for the 10% probability.

  • Thanks for your report, Barry. What you’re saying about Florida is kind of what I’ve been hearing more generally. There is some money to be made, maybe not up to the levels of the past but people were getting by in Florida this winter.

    I look forward to hearing about magic city in Birmingham. And all the excitement for that fabulous show in Greenville South Carolina.

  • When I got to Florida in early February, one of the first things I did was get together with Nels for dinner. The place we ate at had two rooms. One for dinner. One was a bar. There were only a few groups on the dinner side. At the bar, there were about 100 twenty somethings sitting close to each other around the bar. Nobody was wearing masks. It really shocked me because in Marquette everyone was masked up and behaving themselves.

    I was in Florida for three shows and all three, while not great, were solid enough to have been worthwhile. In fact, I wish I had stayed longer. I could have been doing shows every weekend in February and March. The shows themselves were much safer than being in town. Howard Alan seems to have solved the problem best with booths spaced 6 feet apart and people required to wear masks. I survived without getting COVID and now I have had my two shots. I'm still masking up and I'm back to doing shows. I leave on Monday for Birmingham Alabama and then one of the biggies Artisphere in Greenville SC.

  • Last time we talked you couldn't find any shows ... that is good news. Any of them near me?

  • It works, been doing it for a year now.

  • Love this idea!

  • I have scheduled shows in June-September.

    I will not only hold on, but also count all the moola coming in

  • Well, good strategy. I'd like to know where is that good-looking blonde that is usually with you. This gives you at least three feet on each side. I'm just back from a trip to DC to see family and cherry blossoms. We stayed in Alexandria, VA. Everywhere we went everyone was masked and seats at bars and in restaurants were separated. THEN, home again in Indiana, on Easter I went to the park to watch the kids at the Easter Egg Hunt. I wore my best mask, all dressed up for Easter, flowers on it, etc., and, lo and behold ... I was the ONLY masked person in the park. One of my neighbors said, "I'm over that." 

    Crossing my fingers for the end of the pandemic. My good news, four different events reached out to us to do advertising today -- events in August, September, November and next February! Can you hold on until then?

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