Cheesman Park Art Fest 2021 version

This is the 8th year for this show. I had done the show in its inaugural year and this is the first time I've been invited back. The show was another in a long line of shows pushed back from their customary date (July) to later in the year (Oct) as a result of COVID. Did people turn out? Yes, a steady stream of people flowed through the show nearly all day Sat and Sun. This show seemed to have a greater representation of the younger crowd 30 - 40ish with baby strollers and one or more babies in them, as-well-as lots of dogs! There were a fair amount of the older demographic as well. The show was held in Denver's Cheesman Park which was a great location for a show and the Oct weather was perfect. Liz Gore King (of the Rio Grande Balloon Fiesta Show dynasty) did an excellent job of organizing this show ad banners were evident on the street which may have captured some passing traffic. Amenities included only water and morning coffee. Artists parked at an off-site location and were shuttled to the show. I'm always concerned that I'll be left behind or too late for the shuttle but hours for the shuttle were ample and they were always there! Most booths located in the park had ample storage behind and booths were laid out in such a way that there was little congestion for the crowd. Several food trucks were there which is a good way to keep the crowd in attendance! Although there were lots of people at the show sales for me were off from the first time I participated and were slow in coming. 

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  • Love to hear reports from Colorado, Brian. Any idea of how some of your neighbors did? Was the quality good? I know very little about this event but do know that Liz Gore knows how to run a show.

    • Didn't get a chance to ask others but the two artists adjacent to me seemed to do okay, ceramic artist with a rocket ship theme and a painter. Another photographer friend sold several large pieces as well. Overall quality was high.

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