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I'm looking for some light weight artists' chairs.  They need to be foldable and not very wide after folding since we put everything in the back of our Forester when we travel.  A few years ago IKEA had just what I'm looking for.  I saw them at an art fair.  They have been discontinued! Anyone have any suggestions?  The chairs that I see that are made of wood are too wide when folded.  Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • Thanks, Leo.  It is very helpful seeing the chairs.  I will definitely check out the Hollywood chairs.  I agree, the height is very important, and not something that I have at this time.  Now that I'm getting even older, hoisting myself out of the chair to greet people is getting harder.  We surely don't have room in the car for a crane and derrick to be able to get me up!!  LOL.

  • I strongly recommend a 32" high director chair. I really like how they put you at eye level when you are approached by customers. It is a natural conversation height. For comfort and durability Hollywood Chairs make the best. Personally, I think they fold very compact, but i understand about limited space in the back of a Forester... I began my art show journey in the back of a Subaru Outback, with roof racks and I'm a photographer so you know the kind of inventory I need to carry. For me the 32" height was important, it made the customer approach comfortable and casual.

    I am selling two of these chairs, however with your location being Indiana, I wouldn't expect that you would be interested in purchasing but I think the description and images I provide in this post below would be helpful in your decision. Cheers, Leo


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