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Call for Entries: Royal Oak Clay, Glass & Metal Show

June 13 & 14 Royal Oak, MI on Washington Avenue in downtown Royal Oak Sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce 125 artists Deadline: March 1 A simple concept: Focusing on a core audience will bring you the best results. That's why Royal Oak continues a fifteen year tradition of celebrating artwork created with heat. What does that mean for you? A world of difference. You are not competing with prints, photos and corndogs. Everyone is coming because they have an interest in your artwork. Artists report that it is a pleasure to work with customers that already have an understanding of the medium. We encourage artists to showcase their methods by giving additional space free to accepted artists that wish to demonstrate techniques. Any loud music is buffered by our restaurants and then sponsors, assuring that no artist loses out to music and smoke. This festival features 125 clay, glass and metal artists, demonstrations and related activities. As a result we get a large focused audience. Our artists tell us that it is a pleasure having customers that really understand their work and techniques. The Royal Oak Clay & Glass Festival provides:
-Qualified Buyers -Cash Awards -Overnight Security & Free Parking -Artist Breakfast To be artist friendly while also assuring new booths every year, we have a three year jury rotation. If you have participated in the last three years you are automatically accepted when you send in your booth and application fees by deadline. The art fair is organized by Mark Loeb of Integrity Shows a veteran organizer of metro Detroit events. NOTE: ONLY CLAY, GLASS AND METAL ARE ACCEPTED. WORK MAY INCORPORATE OTHER ELEMENTS BUT MUST BE PRIMARILY CLAY, GLASS OR METAL. SORRY NO POLYMERS SUCH AS PRECIOUS METAL CLAY. For more info: APPLY TODAY:

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Comment by Barry Bernstein on February 27, 2009 at 1:37pm
Has anyone ever done this show? I always thought it was a good idea. Is it worth doing or is it a waste of time?
Comment by Linnea Lahlum on March 2, 2009 at 10:55pm
I have been wondering too. It used to be just clay, which always sounded like a bad idea to me…talk about having EVERY exhibitor in the show your competitor! Still I always used to hear about plenty of potters doing it. By adding more media it seems it is becoming more like a regular art fair. There is another show in the same park one month later, hard to see how they could both do well.
Comment by Mark Loeb on March 3, 2009 at 10:13am
Hi Linnea. Thanks for your input. I would like to clarify some things. First, the Clay, Glass and Metal Show is downtown on Washington Street, not in the park like the other show. Second, my theory is that the days of the everything for everyone show are long past. All of my events have a focus of one form or another. We may end up with less bodies, but those that come are sincere buyers. There is no reason for customers to come to a Clay, Glass and Metal show if those mediums don't interest you. There is no reason to come to JazzART if that style is not what you are looking for. I could go on. My goal is not to have the largest possible audience, but to have an audience primarily there to support the artists. The artists that attend these shows tell me that this system works.
Comment by Linnea Lahlum on March 3, 2009 at 11:10am
I saw the media CLAY, GLASS AND METAL in the original listing. I realize it does not include ALL media.

I am a jeweler in silver and copper so do work in metal. Also do copper and brass sculptures but not enough of those to do an art fair. It’s not really clear if jewelry is included. Statement in Zapp listing, goes something like, “You are not competing with prints, photos and silver” implies it is not. Here it says. “You are not competing with prints, photos and corndogs”.

Precious metal clay being specifically EXcluded, makes it sound like regular jewelry made with a torch IS included. I have nothing against Precious metal clay: don’t use it myself but wonder why it is excluded. It works like clay and is fired in a kiln, so why not?

Another question is if other media are now in the show, will the public understand that it is still different from other, all-media shows? Especially with another show in the same park one month later?
Comment by Linnea Lahlum on March 5, 2009 at 4:50pm
I thought there was another post in here somewhere: I think I’m missing something I was going to reply to. Weird.

Thanks for the information, Mark. I know several Michigan potters who like the show very much, so targeting must have some value.

I WAS under the impression it was in Memorial Park. Thanks for clearing that up. I think disassociating it from the other show is a good idea, to keep it straight in the public’s eye. I have done the Memorial Park one in July several times, and did moderately well, but stopped applying due to their antiquated and draconian no-refund policy. That weekend in July is a prime weekend, so I might need to cancel for a better show. That’s the one thing I DO like about ZAPP, not having to pay upfront for a show I might not do.

Darn: now you’ve got me interested! Though I have a show pending in Indiana for that weekend already, and am trying not to drive so far this year. I already have Birmingham booked in June, it would probably be overexposure to do a show so close 1 month later. I did 4 within a hundred miles of Detroit last year, and that was too much. The customers start taking you for granted, you know!


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