Bayou city bohemoth

I did Bayou City at the 300 artist size and I never made it around to see all, and no way could patrons if they really stopped to look at the art. Either they went to a special artist, were looking for "just the right piece" or were making a quick "gallery" tour.  Forget "be backs"; their shoes wore out the first go round.  It was well run for a massive show and Houston is my best market, but when it went to 450, I declined.  I agree with the other artists that feel like the organizers money woes are matched only by mine and most of the risk was transferred to the artists - entry fee, rain gamble, not to mention the art overload.

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  • "...the organizers' money woes are matched only by mine..."

    Classic.  One of the best snippets of prose I've read all year.

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