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Bayou City Art Festival-Good for some

Well, this happened at end of March, I am a little late, because I had to make 600 pieces of art for my next three shows, and Bayou is one.  Then I have Main Street Fort Worth and Mainsail.

I am blogging at a sushi bar, a good one, outside of Shreveport enroute to Ft. Worth, hereafter called FW.

Bayou is a tough show to call.

For many it can be a big winner.  Especially if you have high-priced items.

If you sell in the lower, $30-$300 price range, then this show was a loser this year.  Mind you, last year I made double this year, in those price points. The rich grow richer.

I have done this show over ten times.  It is a long run from central Florida, easily 1200 miles.

Most years it has been acceptable to go that distance.  But it can be off in many years, and this one was one.

I have blogged this show many times, so go back to them about the basic guts of the show.  Know that you can turn down on Monday.

That said, on with the show.

I am getting older after doing shows for 47 years.

Formerly, I would drive 12 hours from Tampa to Lafayette, LA the first day. Stay at a Red Roof, eat either at Preajeans or the Blue Dog, Both real, authentic Cajun restaurants.

This year I gave into age.

I made it to Pensacola in seven hours from NSB, I live on the Atlantic now, go figure where this is, hint, right below Daytona.

Stay at the Baymont Inn, go eat at the Fish House.  Life is good, and the fish is even better.

Then, I made it to Beaumont,TX in another seven hours. Found a great liquor store, got some Knob Creek

and then went into a great Cajun restaurant.

Next day, I was into Houston in a hour in one half.

Checked in, and was setting up at 10 am.

Took my time.

This a three day show.

When I got done I headed back to our hotel, where Check-in is also.  Hampton Inn, great rate and a bus

ride to the show every day.

So for years I had spotted this restaurant called Bubbas. Always wondered what it was about.  Finally went in.

Well, shit on a brick, I had the most important alcoholic revelation of my life time.

For you loyal followers, let us call this portion a Tequila Report.  For the rest of ya, lazy-up and do some research on MY past blogs.  There is a lot of treasure there.

On with the Tequila Report.

”How I met the most amazing bartender, ever, who can do magic tricks with multiple bottles of beer.



So I went into a Bubbas after setting up.  I just wanted something cold and a little snack.

I was meeting Vic for dinner, so I just needed a little snack, with a libation.

Up walks my historic bartender.

I do not remember her name, but she was ample.

I ordered, one lowly beer and some food.

Next I know a pile of thirsty patrons rode in.  

Then, I saw history happen.

She got an order for four bottled beers.

She picked them out of the ice and pressed them against her ample bosom.

She took the bottle capper and went—pop, pop, pop, pop,! All in one second.

It was electrifying.

The another order came in and she did it again.

I make her to be the Wyatt Earp of Houston, Texas.

Regulars tell me they come in here all afternoon just to watch her beerly-eruptions.

Well, for me, that became the high point of this whole show.

I made 59% less then last year. Bummer.

During The Show I saw at least 60 high priced 2-d pieces go by me in the $3-$10000 range.

High priced art sold here, Houston has big walls.

Weather was a factor here and it kept the crowds down.

Oh well, I have Fort Worth this week, and it has never been a let-down yet.

Pray for me.  I need Devine intervention.

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Comment by beth clark on April 16, 2019 at 9:53am

Always enjoy hearing about a nameless, faceless set of boobs servicing your needs.

Comment by Paul Flack on April 9, 2019 at 10:22am

Dr. Nels-worth, surprised you revisited the scene of a catastrophe? Bless your pointed little head. Ft. Worth will make the trip worthwhile. Keep the rubber side down, looking forward to the next check in,..

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