Barefoot in the Park, Duluth, Ga.

We went to the Barefoot in the Park over Mother's Day Week-end in Duluth, Ga. If there is a better run art show anywhere, I'd want to move there permanently. The organizer's of this show come out of the art community. They made sure there was not only coffee in the morning, but there was lunch there for us during the middle of the day. There were booth sitters that were just a phone call a way, anytime we needed one. They delivered water to us throughout the day. It was just amazing.

The jury selection was terrific. There simply wasn't anything that even remotely resembled buy /sell. There were substantial prizes and the judging for them was spot on. The park was beautiful, level and had power. The people that attended were there expecting to see art and bought art. I guess I'd have to sum up this to say that this was a really exceptional show.
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  • Thanks for the great information! I suppose I could be juried out as well so it may not be a conflict after all, but it sounds like it would be a good location and show.

  • I haven't been to this show for a couple of years.  I was juried out one year after having been a part of the show for several years and found another show that I really like for that slot.  It was a good show for me.  The folks attending were interested, asked a lot of questions and seemed generally interested in art.  I made a few sales, won an award, was treated as well as I've ever been treated at any show and much better than most.  I haven't done the Chastain Park show to give you a comparison, but as we all know, what works for me may or may not for you.  Good luck!

  • Have you or has anyone been in the Barefoot in the Park art fair recently? I just applied to be in it for the first time and then found out it is on the same weekend as another one in Atlanta that I wanted to be in, in Chastain Park, and don't know which one would be best for selling art. I live in Marietta and both are a moderate drive, so location is not an issue.

  • Lori, You know how these things are, what is a money maker for one is not necessarily a money maker for others. I had a good show there and most of the others that I talked with had a good show, but that's a long trip.  This show doesn't have huge attendances, but the people that come seem to be genuinely interested in looking at original work and talking to the artists who make it.  I really can't say, yes or no as to whether or not it would be a money-maker for you.
  • Hi Michael, I'm looking at this show for next year. but I have a couple of questions. How was attendance and is the show a money maker. I'll be coming up from Tampa but I need to know if it's worth the trip.


  • I attended this show once again during Mother's Day Week-end 2011.  I have to tell you that after a couple of years of participating in shows, this show remains the best run show I've been to.  Load in and out is simple and efficient.  The setting is beautiful.  (The weather this year was perfect...okay....a little warm, but sunny and no rain/wind/hail to contend with.)  The caliber of art is exceptional.  This is a real art show, with high quality art in every category.  There were substantial prizes given in all categories.  I love this show.  It is a better than average show for us financially and I heard from some selling higher-end sculptures that they did well also.  It's a great event and if you do shows in Georgia, you should definitely consider this one!
  • Hi Connie,

    Yes, I did participate in this show. I had never been in it before. (We did win a "Collector's award for some of our work). There were only about 40 vendors, but I was really impressed with the work that was there. The painters were amazing, wood turners that had really nice work including extremely intricately carved pierced work, potters, large metal scultures. I can say that there really was a nice representation of a broad spectrum of art and really quality work. We had a little reception complete with a big band playing Big Noise from Wonetka. I'll surely go back again if I am invited.
  • Love hearing this good news.

    Michael, did you participate in this show? If so, have you been in it before?
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