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Atlanta Dogwood Art Fest April 7-9, 2017 Review

Atlanta Dogwood Review...

Everything just seemed to fall in place. Stormy weather was predicted for our drive there but during the entire trip it seemed that it poured rain everywhere ahead of us and stopped everywhere just before we drove there. Wet cement and puddles but no rain...! We didn't have to turn on the windshield wipers at all. The closure of I-85 was north of where we were driving and we were able to drive I-85 all the way to our exit at 60mph without traffic...a extreme rarity in Atlanta.

The weather was chilly on Friday & Saturday and perfect on Sunday...The setup was well organized and the police escort allowed it to flow flawlessly. Our sales Friday were almost nothing but a great Saturday and Sunday made it a great show for us...better than we anticipated.

There were large crowds...As with most shows some were the typical out for a walk people with their baby strollers and dogs who had no intention of buying and some were the buyers spending money.

We did have a problem with wi-fi reception each day after about 3pm and had a very difficult time getting a signal. I spoke with quite a few other artists that said they also could not get a signal.This sure made me appreciate the offline feature that Square has. I did a bunch of offline charges and fortunately all of them went through later when we got back to the place we were staying and had a signal again ...

The load-out was frustrating but well organized and took us about two hours from end of show to driving on to the street.

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Comment by Greg Little on April 18, 2017 at 11:51pm

It was a very good show. Atlanta does seem to have many shows and I hope they are all as good.

Comment by Jacki Bilsborrow on April 18, 2017 at 11:13pm

There are a lot of Atlanta shows I hope I can get to in the next two years.  This is one of them.  My son moves back to Atlanta in August.  Seems like there is a show close by every time we get to Atlanta.

You didn't really say, but did you have a good show?

Comment by Christina L. Towell on April 17, 2017 at 9:57am

Loved hearing about this show from both of you but love the dog picture the most!  Does he/she belong to you, Greg?

Comment by Paul Flack on April 14, 2017 at 10:55am

Typo alert...that should be In spite of not "Inspire" in para 3, can't figure out how to edit post...

Comment by Paul Flack on April 14, 2017 at 10:52am

LMAO...two hours to get out, yes that's it.  There are a couple huge problems with the show. 1.) it is advertised as a music/rides/attractions event with barely a mention of art. 2.) People are encouraged to ride MARTA or take public transportation to get had better be selling prints or jewelry. 3.) The gas choking golf carts are forever harassing patrons yet there is no opportunity to have those same carts move large pieces to an entrance. 4.) Likewise there is no "pick up" point where patrons can drive up and get their art. 5.) Because there is soooo much going on with food vendors, rides, music, entertainment, small stuff like the shuttle between artist parking and the show fell through the cracks. Dogwood should be two shows. Have all of the other stuff and then have a separate art show. That could work.

Now with that being said it is THE show in Atlanta that is worth doing. There are many smaller fines shows but Atlanta is overrun with diluted shows put on by private promoters and it is a real crap shoot. (I am a resident of Atlanta and only recommend artists consider Decatur or Inman Park as secondary choices.)

That being said the show this year was killer. Folks were very enthusiastic and the show does bring out people who want to buy. Crowds were down, but the buyers weren't. 

Inspire of my observations, the organizers were extremely cheerful and helpful. Wednesday set up was rained out so they had to marshal additional artists in on Thursday. (Our cop called our group together and threaten to impound ANYONE using a cell phone during the dirge on the way in to set up...hey, he is qualified to work at the airport?)

Again, I was blown away with how good the show went and kudos to organizers, I think the crowd loved it!

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