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This is the 3rd year that I've done the Arts in the Heart of Augusta show.  It's located in Augusta, Georgia.  In the past this show has been a good show for me, but resulted in average sales.  This year several changes resulted in making this my best show ever both sales wise and every other way I can think of.  Previously this show has been held in both paved and unpaved parking areas, but this year they managed to talk the city of Augusta into holding the event on the main business street of the city (way to go!) and what a difference it made.  It's now located on a wide street with unloading right in front of your booth and parking right behind your booth every day. 


Previously there has been a part of the show that was sectioned off for buy/sell vendors, but this year they limited the vendors to artists and craftsmen and they did a great job in the jury process.  There was a wide range of arts/crafts and it was mostly of very high quality.  The folks that attended responded very positively.  I talked to a couple of vendors that had to call home to have additional things brought in.  I saw one double booth consolidate what they had left down to a single space.  I ran out of boxes at one point, but that didn't seem to matter, folks took things home in a bag happily. Every artist that I talked to was having a great show and that ranged from wooden toy makers to photographers.


I have to point out that the weather was amazing.  The temperatures were perfect and there was no rain and that contributed to bringing the crowds out, but that was just icing on the cake.  This show was  run perfectly.  I'd recommend this one to anyone! 

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  • Last year it was so hot I thought I would evaporate into thin air but the customers didn't stop and I made around $1600 which included a few giclees on canvas and painting sales. This year I did the same amount in print sales alone. The set up was awesome really easy for loading in and setting up and it was great to have repeat customers. Also Hampton Inn was very clean and nice for $66 a night with a free hot breakfast :-)
  • I participated a few years ago too, and it was not good.  The weather was hot and rainy, but mainly it just didn't seem to be that much quality work and customers didn't want to spend money.  I won an award (yay!) but barely totaled $1K for 3 days...  Haven't been back since.
  • I did this show 2 years ago and was not pleased.  Thanks to your news of the move to the main street, I will enter next year.
  • Michael it is great to hear news about a good show.  Thanks for letting us know. 

    Jacki B

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