Artist friendly town needed.

I am seriously considering selling my property in Mississippi. It is too far from any shows and the house/yard are too big for me now. I love my studio, but I can build another where ever I end up. The question is "Where Do I Want To End Up?" I know I want to stay South of West Virginia and East of Texas, and I prefer rolling hills to coast, mountains, or delta. That leaves a lot of territory to consider.

I can build to suit if the perfect house is not available, but I cannot build an artist friendly community to order. I am looking for a small to medium sized town or city within relatively easy driving distance of some nice shows. I don't want to live in a large city, but 30+ miles away would be O.K.

 I have visited Gatlinburg, TN ( too commercial! ), and Mountain View, AR ( very nice! ). Then it occured to me that there are 5,000+ artists I could ask right here. So if you live in or have visited a town that you think would suit, please let me know.

Hey! We could start a list of Top Ten Places to Live for Artists made by artists! The list I found online was obviously NOT made by anyone having anything to do with art.

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  • I bet you felt well done!

  • Typically the weather is awesome. Unfortunately, we have been experiencing a terrible drought. I also spent the summer doing markets and festivals in the 112 degree heat. Thank goodness for our beautiful rivers!

  • Chatty-Nooga

  • Wimberly does seem to take it's art seriously. Thanks for giving me another town to consider. How is the weather there?

  • Leslie, please take the video tours in the link that I sent. It's very cool!

  • Why Wimberly? What makes this the best place to live for artists? I'm sensing a personal connection here, so let's hear it.

  • No question about it...Wimberley, Texas.

  • Paducah, KY has a artist development program that has been quite successful and worth looking into.


    Greenville SC is another spot that is artist friendly, it has a good show in the Spring and is affordable.

  • Thanks again for the John Villani book tip, Brian, I ordered both of them. Maybe they will suggest some of the same towns AFI members have suggested.
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