Art on the Creek in Johns Creek, GA

Has anyone participated in Arts on the Creek in Georgia? What did you think about it? This is the 4th year for the show, so I'd imagine the chances of anyone being a part of it on here are slim ;-)

I'm trying to find some new shows for the fall, rather late to get into many of them... Any suggestions?

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  • Thanks for comments & help!
  • John's Creek is in the Metro Atlanta area, for those of you who are not familiar with Georgia. And, for whatever reason, Metro has had many new art festivals come on scene this year. Metro had PLENTY of festivals, even a few good art festivals.

    My best guess, from being in the festival industry for 35 years, is that the market has long been diluted. What people call a "good" new show doesn't amount to a sustainable income.

    Karen Cohen - a professional artist for whom I have much respect - has worked with the Johns Creek event. If the committees paid any attention to her at all, they had excellent advice. Karen may be on this platform. She has a FB profile, too.
  • I've not done this show Janet, but I talked with a metal sculptor who had done the show. He said that it was a good show for him and he was planning on returning. That's not much information, but ....
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