Art Fair Summer 2021 - Part III

Well, in this year of surprises the OTHER shoe has dropped! There will be an Ann Arbor Art Fair this summer. Surprised? Well, so am I. It seems COVID is actually waning and we've learned that being outdoors is a safe place to be. Yesterday the directors of the the collective of three events that comprise the Ann Arbor Art Fair announced "welcome to Ann Arbor". Learn more here, and here. We thank you Governor Whitmer. 


And even more good news about Ann Arbor is there are some changes:

1. There will not be 4 art fairs running concurrently, there will be 3. This was announced earlier. The South University Art Fair went out of business. The Guild of Artists and Artisans has picked up some of their real estate on East University, but the huge sprawl is over.

2. The show will be 3 days long, not 4! Instead of Thursday-Saturday (which it was for many years), instead of (in more recent years) from Friday-Sunday it will be held on Thursday-Saturday, this year on July 15-17. 

Why is this good? Buyers will not be exhausted by the expanse and maybe will be able to see all of it (?), the quality will be higher because there will no longer be 1200 artists, and for artists the high overhead for being present will be diminished -- which we're hoping means better profits. Right?

What else this week? Another shocker:

Sausalito Art Festival canceled over relocation of homeless camp. Yep! You read that correctly. Here's the rest of the story:

Wyandotte (MI) officials reverse decision and will host their 60th annual art fair. Most artists and crafters attend both shows, so one show impacts the other. The Ann Arbor fair organizers recently changed course, and when that ... learn more

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