And the winner is.................ME!

I was one of the many people to donate to this year's Pledge Drive.  As I looked longingly over the prizes, I secretly selected which one would make it's way into my hands if my name was drawn.  I saw the first list of names and disappointingly, my name wasn't there.  I waited anxiously for the 2nd drawing (a whole week later!!) and lo and behold, my name was on this list!

99.9% of you don't know me - I rarely start any posts and don't comment often.  I'm a beadweaver in Pennsylvania and do shows part time (that pesky full time job gets in the way at times:) and I don't travel much outside of my 3 or 4 state area. I've been a member of Art Fair Insiders for several years and have thoroughly enjoyed reading people's reviews, funny stories of their adventures on the road, and have tried to buy things from the classifieds.  Even though I didn't win any prizes last year, I wanted to make sure that my contribution - no matter how big or small - would help to keep this great site going.  The prize I chose this year was the booth space at one of the Rose Squared shows in NJ.  Last year was my first year at these shows and I am so excited to be going back in two weeks. 

Thank you Connie for all of the hard work you do for this site daily and for pulling together these awesome prizes!!

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  • Congrats, Megan. I'm looking forward to seeing your new work next weekend.
  • Hi Megan! New group started...  

    Scott Pakulski posted a group


    Part Time Artists

    Limited range, part time artists who have a primary job and do art fairs for fun!
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    28 minutes ago
  • Hey Megan! I am a part time art fair guy too. Systems Analyst is my day job... But I do have fun at the art fairs. I travel about like you... 4-5 state range... Maybe I should start a group on here for part time artists...

  • That is a mighty nice prize, Megan. Hope you have a great time at the show. Let me know which one you choose. It was fun for me too to pass out the prizes. There were several that I had my eye on and I was hoping they wouldn't be chosen (last year I bought one of the prizes that wasn't picked), but they all were.

    I sincerely appreciate all of the pledges. I thank you and everyone else who contributed. It keeps me going and the site viable.

    Did anyone else get a good prize?

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