A Movie and a Book Based on My Art

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I’m John Leben. I exhibit at art fairs, but I also do other things. I am an artist, a writer and a filmmaker. My environmental paintings of the past twelve years inspired me to write a story about Global Warming. The story turned into a book illustrated with my paintings. The book inspired me to produce a movie. The words in the book became the script, the paintings, the visuals. The book and the movie are called "Amy and the Tortoise: How Animals Saved the Planet." It’s a good book, and an even better movie... a dystopian fable for kids about the dangers of Climate Change. Adults like the movie even better than kids.8869206090?profile=original
"Amy and the Tortoise" movie link on YouTube
"Amy and the Tortoise" eBook Link:
The movie, "Amy and the Tortoise," is playing at film festivals all over the world. It has won awards at film festivals in London, Toronto, India and Silicon Valley, California. It has been selected to play at film festivals in Paris, Greece, Jacksonville, Florida and La Jolla, California. This movie is currently being considered to play at 34 more film festivals around the world. The movie is a hit. The book will also be a hit, but it is in search of a print publisher.
Watch the movie. Read the book. Then, share, share, share this post. The goal is to find a good literary agent who believes in this project. The movie needs robust distribution and the book needs a publisher. Help me find that person.
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  • I love this John. Congratulations on the exposure you have already received. I have shared it to my personal facebook account. Hope others will also. This story needs to be told! I plan on sending it to my grandkids who are the up and coming generation. It's not to early for them to learn how to respect the our habitat. Thank you for sharing.  I wish you the best. 

  • Wow John!! I just watched the movie.  What an awesome production.  Your family must all be talented!  Congratulations.

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