Breckenridge CO, Main Street Art Festival 8/1-3/2019

First time exhibitor for this show. The show was held Thur-Sat as the Farmers Market had dibs on Sun. Weather was relatively good with occasional drizzle until Sat when it really rained for about 45 mins 2 hours before ending, this is a mountain show, rain happens!

Sales were slow in coming, some artists doing well on Thur and not on Fri, vice versa for this artist. Saturday was slow in coming. Main street in Breckenridge was crawling with visitors few of which made it to the end of the street where this event is held in Main Street Station. Breckenridge apparently has restrictions on signage and large banners were mostly on or near the show venue which was mostly rental apartments/hotel rooms some dining/coffee. Those that did make it there were largely lookers but many spent on art at most booths at all price points. My booth neighbor, a painter, sold 1 late Saturday.

Exhibitors had to park in any of two lots which were off site but within an 8-10 minute walk or you could wait for the free bus or trolley. Load-in occurred from at least two access points with many drive up spots. Organizers were well seasoned and organized for the arrival of artists. Few amenities; dial up booth sitting, donuts, coffee and water. Wide range of age groups; older group, for the most part, were out for a stroll, younger ones looking and middle agers doing most of the buying. Artists, as usual, were creative about ways to store around or near their booths. This, in my opinion, was an expensive show, $500 for the three days plus lodging anywhere near here is very high, I found a good Priceline deal about 14 miles away in Silverthorne/Dillon. Eating is also expensive, I went shopping at the local grocery.

Exhibitors beware; This is in the mountains! The higher elevation (9600') dehydrates you quickly and you have to adjust in general to the higher elevation. If you feel sick or light headed you are not drinking enough water! Coffee and tea do not count. Sun exposure is greater than the low lands, be sure to use sun screen, wear a hat and stay in the shade if possible.

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  • I also did this show as a first-timer and was invited early off the waitlist.   Traditional and modern sterling silver and semiprecious gemstone jewelry, prices 55-395.  My booth was on the upper level all the way in the back in a row of four booths. The show was laid out in several different directions in The Village/Main Street Station area, which didn’t have a very good flow for people to find their way around the show.  Very little foot traffic made it to the upper level on Thursday and Friday.  Saturday morning had more traffic than Thursday and Friday put together.  Thank you, Brian, for the explanation as to why there were no large signs/banners around town advertising the show.  I had four or five people tell me they didn’t even know there was an art show going on, both locals and tourists.  One couple who drove from Parker, CO just for the show and told me they had to drive all over town and finally ask someone where it was.  Sales were dismal for me, only hoop earrings in the 25 to 35 dollar price range.  Didn’t even make booth fee.  Third year doing juried art shows.

  • Hi Meg, 

    No, I don't have altitude problems as I live in Denver but out of towners frequently do . I'm considering returning, the promoters have two other shows, one of which I was wait listed for in August and would certainly do. I am a photographer but don't do landscape work, I leave that for those that have the ability for that! LOL! I do mid 20th Century Americana, more specifically, Rusty Relics and Roadside Attractions. You can see my work at:

  • Thank you, Brian, for the review.

    Did you personally have trouble with the altitude?

    Do you think you'll go back?

    I believe you are a photographer. Do you have Colorado images?

  • I didn't do the show, but generally for most CO mountain shows you need  at least a day to adjust to the altitude or suffer "altitude sickness" with flu-like symptoms. Also, this is bear and other critter country.  Don't leave any food or trash in your tent and I have also seen cautions about aromatics. Great shows, great sales, good breaks from the studio IMO.

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