It's official! Greg Lawler's Art Fair Sourcebook has once again chosen the small town show across the river from St. Louis as the #1 show i the nation. Greg does a terrific job of gathering data from artists all year long and, in my opinion, has the most accurate rankings out there. So, congratulations to director, Patty Gregory, her hardworking committee and the 600 volunteers who make this a fabulous place for artists! "Art Fair SourceBook ranks art shows around the nation based on artist-submitted sales figures. The Belleville show is at the top with $7,103 in sales per artist at last year's show, after booth fees and other costs taken off the top...The runner-up art shows for 2009 are the St. Louis Art Fair at No. 2 and the Long's Park Art and Craft Festival in Lancaster, Pa., at No. 3," says the local online news, Last fall Patty did a presentation at the NAIA show director's conference on how she created the event. Lots of hard work, excellent community connections, leveraging all her friends to bring in sponsors and volunteers, transforms the show into an artist's dream. Learn more about the fair at Don't neglect reading the comments below the article also, always an interesting cross-section of supporters and curmudgeons. What's your take on this? Been to Belleville? What are your top shows?
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  • Hear, hear! Big congrats to Patty and the Art on the Square committee! And sorry for the plug here, but it really is quite an honor for me that Patty is using EntryThingy for her upcoming show. She is so much fun to work with - so much positive energy - it's just amazing. Woohooo!
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