The Woodlands - Mosaic Mirror

This mirror has been created mosaic style with stained and metallic glass. The outer border is a 3/8 inch deep mahoganny metallic tile. The inside has 3/4 inch strips of stained glass running diaganlly and the colors are a virtual swirl of greens, reds and browns. The prominent color being an olive green. The piece has been finished with a dark charcoal grey grout - which brings the glass out and gives it depth. This would make a great conversation and accent piece for any wall !-The base of the mirror is made of 3/4 inch MDF and has a neutral color to compliment the piece.-The measurement of the mirror is 20 X20 inches with a 4 1/4 inch border around the mirror. The mirror measures 11 1/2 X 11 1/2 inches.- The mirror has 2 keyhole slots inserted on the back of the mirror so that it may hang securely. You have the option of hanging it vertically or horizontally - let your imagination go !
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