Piece # 174 "Soothing"A Zoria's Creation. Krista DeSelms © 2011So, Chrysocolla sometimes reminds me of those kids that are just more creative than they are organized and mush their blue and green playdoughs together in the same tub when it’s time to clean up. I was one of those kids.Chrysocolla in square Argentium Sterling Silver and Gold Filled wire.Chrysocolla is found all over the world. This is because as a carbonate copper-bearing mixture of other minerals it can be mined wherever large deposits of copper are. Pure Chrysocolla isn’t hard enough to be cut and polished into cabochons or beads but luckily it’s found all over mixed with Quartz and other minerals that make it hard enough to do so. It is often mistaken for stones such as Turquoise, Malachite and Azurite. This is because Chrysocolla’s mixture often includes one or many of these stones. The outcome of this is a coloring that varies from deep rich blues and greens with browns and other cool colors in its blend. This stone was worn almost everywhere by the Egyptian princess Cleopatra because of its believed ability to turn violent feelings into sensitivity. Although Chrysocolla is mined in many places gem quality pieces of it are still highly valued and rarely found.Argentium Sterling Silver is the highest quality of Sterling Silver available today and is highly tarnish resistant. Sterling Silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Argentium is actually 93% silver with the remaining 7% a mixture of Copper and the element Germanium which gives it a higher tarnish resistance and less people are allergic to it than normal Sterling Silver.Gold Filled Wire is not the same as Gold Plated. Gold Filled is an actual layer of gold, pressure bonded to a bass metal. Gold Filled have over 100% more gold than Gold Platting does. Gold Filled is much more valuable and tarnish resistant than plated. Anyone who can wear Gold can wear Gold Filled without worries of allergic reactions to the jewelry.In the notation 14/20 the 14 refers to the gold being 14k and the 20 refers to the law that to be labeled "Gold Filled" the weight of the wire has to be 1/20th gold.www.Zorias.com
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