Chakra Energy Hanging

Talk about differant! This hanging is about as differant as I have ever been in a hanging! This piece of wood called for something powerful and daring and I felt it needed a strong statement.Using minerals/stones unique to each Chakra, I lined them up and then drilled the wood in various places to let them hang in the corrrect order. I then used copper and brass for the rings, chain and connectors. From the crevices in the wood to the minerals I used, this turned out to be a dynamic hanging!1st: rubies/garnets-grounding, our relationship to ourselves and the planet2nd: carnelian-our sexual center reproduction, creativity3rd: citrine-power center,"gut feelings"4th: aventurine-heart, love ourselves and others5th: throat- blue quartz, sodalite, speaking our truth6th: 3rd eye-lapis, sodalite-psychic, intuition7th: amethyst/flourite, connection to our Higher PowerClear Quartz is used to generate Light the highest color of all. I used more blue and purple to help the purchaser to relate with the highest intention with their words and brown to keep grounded. I added a few metal crystals to add sparkle to their life.The copper and brass is the male and female energy to help stay balanced.Hang this in the sun to help keep yourself and the room well-balanced and harmonious!This hanging came from my heart in the truest sense. Namaste!
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