Black Angel Chick Flamingo

Fashion Knotty Bangle is a fun and funky idea I came up with to add the "Gotta Have" factor to your wardrobe using many unique and luxurious yarns without having a heavy, knit look and feel. These scarves are fun, flirty and fabulous!My Knotty Bangle Scarves are various mediums of yarn tied together using two knots. This gives it a finished, polished look as opposed to the hand-tying method which can allow strands to be pulled loose.Various mediums of yarns with 50-60 total strands combine to make the Scarf length between 40" to 44". Black Poodle Caniche with Pink Bernat Boa are both hand washable.Total weight approximately 4-5 ounces.Light weight and airy, knotty bangle is a scarf that is the perfect accessory for warmer climates, or inside wear. Looks great worn with blouses or T's - or pull tighter to wear with your winter coat to keep the chill off your neck.Easy and versatile - just hold the ring in one hand, twist the yarn into a spiral tube using the other hand. Once twisted, using the hand holding the ring, use your thumb and forefinger to pull the loose ends through the ring, and adjust the length to create the look you want. You can drape it across your shoulders by positioning the right on top of your shoulder. You can also adorn your scarf with added trinkets.Tie it Wrap it Drape it Loop it Twist it Pin it Tangle it Fringe it!
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