We are trying to get proper lighting for indoor shows for organically dyed and hand woven rugs.  I read here to use LED lighting but when ordering the  lights I was told it's better to use halogen because LED will wash out the colors and texture of the rugs.   Then I was advised that SoLux bulbs would be even better than halogen....so I'm looking into those.A few more articles I just found on the web say LED is better. 

Can anyone clear up (at least in the most basic way) if LED is better than halogen or visa versa?  Or if the SoLux bulbs are really worth it?

I'm attaching a photo of the rugs in natural light (but behind the glass) taken with an ipad.  I'm not sure if the photo will help to show what we are trying to illuminate




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  • I do not believe you have to go to the high expense of specialized bulbs, for your application.

    LED bulbs are energy efficient, low heat output.

    Most importantly they can be acquired in many different K range. This will give you the color spectrum you desire for showing off your materials.

    Do you want to go down to 2700 K? Or up to 6600 K? Or all the range in between?

    As to the harshness that can be handled via diffusers.

    LED are not very expensive anymore and readily available if you are at a show and need replacements.

    • would halogen be a bad choice ?  That's all that was in stock for the lamps. 

      • More importantly, what K range do you want?
        Halogen throw a lot of heat.
        Are you using UV filters?
        Are you using supplied power or a battery system?
        Answering these may help you decide.
        • Thanks for your reply. The power is supplied.  I didn't know there were UV filters-so I guess I need to do a lot more research on this.

  • Solux is the lighting used by most museums and art galleries. I have a Solux lamp that I use to match the color of reproductions to the scans on my color corrected monitor. Don't know if you've read the information on their web site or just sourced the bulbs retail.

    Larry Berman

    • So Larry would you say those bulbs are a good choice for a show?

      • I would imagine that they would be better than any other type of bulb for accurate color. But you should also realize that any light is better than no light and people's minds correct the color.

        Larry Berman

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