I will be featured on PBS:)


I was called by a producer of PBS (affiliate in Nashville) and they said they 'heard from one of my customers' that I was a very interesting and unique artist. (I was in a humorous mood and I said 'Yes I AM!") ha


They also said they looked at my website and read my life story etc. and would like to do a story on me.  Ironcially I felt that my website was pretty much a mess, and thats why I never sent it to anyone because it was still under construction--- I was a bit  suprised that it did me any good at all!.


I sell my art pretty well at my gallery space in Gatlinburg, TN, so I never spent much time on my web presence.


 I made my living as a vocalist/songwriter, musician and impersonator of Streisand, before turning to visual art at age 36. They wanted to talk about that plus show me working on my art in my studio.


I asked if they could do it NEXT month (since that would give me time to lose some weight, get a good haircut etc.!) lol.


They said 'NO. How bout this coming THURSDAY!'. So....


Welllllllllllllllllll..they are coming to shoot my documentary today at my art studio/gallery. It will take them all day but the piece will be about 11 mintues or so.


I'll keep you posted.



Here's my half done  website. www.michellemonet.

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  • Thanks for the update...let us know when you have more details.
  • Congratulations Michelle!! Keep us posted! Hope you can post a link of the show for us!

    yay!! If not, then post one of you singing as Barbara!

    • It went very well. So professional. The interviewer was a hoot and the videographer was super sweet. 

      They walked around my gallery taking close ups of almost all my art, plus interviewed me about my life , how art helps 'heal' etc.


      I did end up wearing makeup and  I felt very  comfortable being in my studio. They even got this huuuuge camera behind me so they could get my hands working on my art. I have a pretty small work space so I was amazed they could squeeze behind me.


      They also took some footage of my old performances as a singer from my old videos and will be editing them into the piece.. After my gallery we all went to lunch and then to my music studio and took some 'live' footage of me playing my guitar and singing some of my original songs. It was quite fun.


      I'll let you all know when and where it will air.:)

  • Let us know when it will air, too.  Congrats on your TV debute.

    Jacki B

  • Congratulations.  Have fun.  And I know exactly how you feel about makeup. Ifvyouvhavecrealky pale skin foundation q
    Will keep you from washing out on the screen
  • That is so cool Michelle. I used to be a TV producer for PBS for almost 20 years...you can still here my phrase 'Learning for a Lifetime' on the PBS station in NC. I hope that you have a wonderful experience with them. The exposure is the absolute best when it comes to appealing to 'our' type of customer. They love supporting 'the arts'. You go girl....hope you get plenty of inquiries and orders that will make you smile and shine beyond what any 'make-up' can do.    ;-)
    • Hope this day is going well for you, Michelle. What not logging into AFI?

      My friend Jack Stoddart does a lot of things with this Nashville PBS station for his program "Jammin' at Hippie Jack's" - ever run across Jack?

    • Wow!  Terrific creds, Michelle!  PBS is our go-to station for so many programs:  Antiques Roadshow, Nova, travel programs (Rudy Maxa, Rick Steves), the investigative journalism programs, and so many others.  The programs actually have been proven to grow those little gray cells (Hercule Poirot), whereas so many corporate-run/sponsor hostaged programs actually shrivel the brain (well, this claim sounds good!).
  • How exciting - can't wait to hear how it goes!


    • Thanks guys! They will be here this morning. Im sitting here drinking coffee trying to decide whether to wear makeup or NOT. haah . (You women might understand this!).


      When I am deep into making my art I dont like to wear any makeup but sometimes when Im in my 'selling' mode I put it on and feel more 'pretty'.


      I suppose I could do part of the interview sans makeup and part WITH it.?? They will be filming me singing with my guitar at the end of the day. I could put it on then. Hmm..hmm. Ill figure it out.LOL

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