After repeated requests the time is definitely here to build a guide to help newbies get answers to questions and help on this site. I'd really like your input as to what that should constitute of. Please comment below and I'll get this done. All suggestions welcome. There are so many people reading here that have good ideas, the more input I get the better I can build something that is helpful to all. Thanks!

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  • Pages aren't fully loading in some browsers so clicking on a link to see the latest post to a thread only takes you to the top of the page. Even the reply button doesn't open a post box. It just takes me to the top of the page.

    Not fixed yet.

    Larry Berman
    • Right, Larry. I just tried to post something and it said my comment was being moderated. Who is moderating me? Thought only my kids did that.

  • One significant difference between the blog post and the discussion post:

    Blogs allow all contributors to add images and other file formatting to comments in the thread.
    Discussion posts do not, after the initial post. And a discussion post cannot be removed by it's owner.

    Discussion posts will bubble to the top in the lefthand home page sidebar, if a comment is made. Blog posts don't always show up at all on the home page.

    These differences in site design are a major factor in confusion for newbies and experienced users alike. Why is the site designed and implemented this way? Can it be changed so that the experience is the same for both sections?
    • Annette is right. I've been all over the administrative possibilities for the platform on which this site is built, Ning. Although the platform is pretty wonderful for all the things it can do there are definite limitations.

      • E.g., in the Blog you can't thread replies, no matter what I try to do. That's it.
      • The only blog posts which appear on the home page are the ones I write as the main administrator of the site.
      • However, the posts never do go away, they are all accessible on the right hand side of the Blog section by month they were posted. And you can always "search."
      • When people "leave" the site all of their content disappears.

      No, I can't change how things are displayed in the blog. This is the template. The comments in the discussion can be changed so that they display by date, but I think most people like the threaded comments. Right?

    • For some reason when I wrote this earlier today, neither the formatting bar nor the reply/edit button worked, in Safari/Mac. It's working now, so I don't know what caused the anomaly. 

      Blog posts do go away after a while, however, as time goes on, and sometimes, they never appear at all on the home page, unlike Discussions, which always bubble up on the lefthand sidebar when new content is added.

      And for some reason, Safari is not anchoring properly to links in email notifications, either. I'd use another browser, except I'm just used to the Apple browser and all its faults.

      • Hi Jim,

        Actually I'm having problems with two of the three browsers I use and I'm on a PC.

        What's happening is the pages never completely finish loading. Just today, I had to open the site in three browsers before I could see a follow link on a new thread. 

        I think it's the Ning network and hope it's temporary.

        Larry Berman

        • There were a bunch of problems yesterday with the site operations, probably caused by all the storm troubles on the East Coast. Who knows where all the equipment is housed that hosts all of the facets that make this site accessible? I believe everything is working today.

          • It's usually housed in multiple locations. Servers are usually geographically separated. 

            You can do a system connectivity check at

            Even though most folks may not be on DSL anymore, it still can check your upload and download speeds to see if you're getting what you pay for.

    • I scroll down to the recent activity (bottom centre) and you see postings to blog posts there.

      I am unsure how customisable the Ning platform is, my experience with them is from a few years ago when I limited myself to cosmetic changes.  There may be an "advanced" option that would allow changes to the actual site design,  but it would probably require expert/coding skills.

      • This is a discussion and has a formatting bar for the reply including ability to post pics, and the ability to edit your reply for 15 min. 

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