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Trimline vs Showoff tents

Hi all.  There are certainly lots of vendors who use each of these brands, but I'm curious about the pluses and minuses of each.  The Showoff website has their own comparison, but there's nothing better than real-life input.

I've been using an Underc

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Flex seal for tents?

I currently don't have a leak (knock on wood or whatever works). However, discussion this weekend with a few artists who had leaks and the Flex Seal stuff they advertise on TV came up. They sell a tape. I was wondering if anyone had tried it on their

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Tents and Weights

I found this today while researching the Columbus Arts Festival:

The Columbus Arts Festival has introduced new regulations due to weather related incidents, EZ-Up and accordion style tents are not allowed for use during the Festival.  Any violation t

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craft tents

I need to buy my first craft tent and could use advise. I work alone, so it's got to be really easy to put up. Also, I don't do a whole lot of shows, so not sure how much I need to invest, or whether I even need the sides...


I've heard Cosco is the

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Pop-Up Tents Not Allowed?!

Hi there!

I'm a cartoonist in Chicago, and I'm looking to start doing some art fairs next summer.

I've been checking out tents, but noticed this is the info from a company that puts these on:

"Pop-up tents are NOT allowed."

Does that mean EZ-Up?

Thanks s

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