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Photos from the Krasl Art Fair, St. Joseph, MI, July 14-15, 2012

An exciting weekend for me in St. Joe, July 14-15, where I really got a good art fair "fix." Who wasn't going to be there?

  1. Show Director Sara Shambarger was at the head of my VIP list. Sara runs a "no-nonsense pay attention to the artists' needs art fair." She has been in the job for nearly 15 years and has the whole operation under control and it runs like a machine. She even found time to have dinner with a group of us on Friday night.

    Meeting of the Show Directors: Stephen King of the Des Moines Arts Festival
    and Krasl's Sara Shambarger

  2. The NAIA Board headed by Teresa Saborsky was meeting in St. Joe along with board members (left to right) Mary Strope, Stephen King, Sara S., Amy Beeler & Carroll Swayze.
  3. AFI  members Nels Johnson, Barry Bernstein, Leo Charette, Pat Bolgar, Holly Olinger, Patricia McCleery, Don Ament, Jon Hecker, Berry Davis & Collette Fortin, Melissa Banks, Toni & Jay Mann, Marty Hulsebos, Bob Reiberg, Merri Pattinian, Daniel Lager, Carrin Rossetti & Richard Gruchalla, David Curles, Kate Strong, Lynn McDonald, John Leben, Brian Jensen, Mary Cody, Karen Cooper, Bob & Patti Stern, Brett Miley, Judy Zeddies, Daniel Lager, Jane Robinson and K Funderberg.

                                                                  Carroll Swayze, Beth Crowder & Toni Mann
                                                                               Carrin Rossetti & Richard Gruchalla

    Marty & Patti Hulsebos - Patti looking pretty good after her near fatal car crash on the way to the Bellevue Arts Museum Show last year. Read the story here and remember to follow the good advice: Our Accident on the way to the art fair

    I've got a better photo of mixed media artist Lynn McDonald but wanted you to see that Lake Michigan over her right shoulder!
    Jeweler Melissa Banks's work convinced me to part with some cash.

  4. Old friends Jack Forney, Ralph Rankin, Joy Wallace, Mike & Nancy Strailey, Yvonne & Gregg Palm, Gwen Bennett, Lisa Vetter, Beth Crowder, Tom Turner, Ellen Marshall, Camille & John Staropoli, Dawn Adams, Ed Holland, Tim Peters, Rich Peterson, Michael & Carol Weber, Michael Stipek, Larry Humphrey, Chris Bruno, Mel Fleck, Larry Smith, Salina Hyder & David Brand.
  5. I had my first meeting with Amy Flynn and most importantly Geri Wegner who has contributed so much to AFI.

Potter Patrick Dragon who told me about his leaving the art fair business to
return to teaching in the Fall. We'll miss his amazing pots.

Photographer Chris Dahlquist

Mixed media by Steve Cambronne

Sculpture by Scott Causey, on the Bluffs of Lake Michigan

  • My apologies for not having more photos, especially one of Geri, who has made so many contributions to AFI, but my camera battery died half way through the day! Another day...

  • P. S. On Tuesday I went to some good friends' house for dinner and lo and behold they'd also been to St. Joe and purchased these two sculptures from Cliff Matyszczyk:

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Comment by Annette Piper on July 20, 2012 at 5:44pm

Fabulous Connie - love, love, love the pics :)

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