This is a gorgeous hand needle felted fruit bowl filled with needle felted fruit. The basket and fruit are made of merino wool. There are apples, pears, oranges, bananas, white and purple grapes, plums and lemons.The bowl is 26" around and 4.5" high. It is a beautiful chocolate brown with a needle felted scroll design all around it. The entire piece is 8" high.The fruit are the size of real fruit in beautiful rich reds, yellows, oranges, greens and purple.This will make a beautiful centerpiece for your table all year round. It is a one of a kind item and will give you pleasure for many years.Did you know that wool has scales? They are not visible to the eye but they are there. When you take wool roving (or wool batting that this arrangement is made from) and poke it gently in and out with a special barbed needle the scales "hook" together - they become tangled and bind together. The more you poke the denser - firmer - the item you are making becomes and it is almost impossible to take it apart unless it is cut with a razor sharp knife or scissors. It cannot be pulled apart. It literally takes thousands of needle pokes to make a 3 D felted item such as this fruit bowl.
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