Anyone else here do the Sugarloaf Spring Show in Chantilly, VA this past weekend?  If you did, what was your experience?  I ask because they just sent out the email with the sales numbers and the per booth by category numbers, and I call bullshit.  They seem way way inflated based on what I saw in my category of photography.  I hope others will chime in even if you only have experience with past shows.



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  • I sure would like to hear from fiber artists this year on their recent sales at various Sugarloaf locations - I have been looking at these shows very closely as an opening venue to go to better shows.  Attendees seem to love them but I want to hear what sales are for the artists.  I was encouraged to move into the larger shows because I saw sales start to pick up towards the fall and winter of last year, after being dead for the first half of the year, on both online and local shows.

  • I did the show and my figures were no where near what they reported in jewelry.  Attendance figures were probably close but my sales were downright poor.  As always, people said to me  - " You should have been here last year."

    • Oh, I remember that story! We did the Sugarloaf Chantilly the 2nd year after all the raves -- now how long ago was that?

  • We used to do the Sugarloaf shows and were always suspect of those numbers. The attendance figures seemed to be correct but the sales seemed to be inflated.

  • I'm laughing so hard I almost ....

    Everyone knows those statistics are nonsense. Last time I did a Sugarloaf show, my sales in photography were under $1000 and the average for my medium was over $7000. The three other photographers I spoke to also did under $1500.

    Now here's the interesting part. I know a leather worker that always inflates his sales but enters them under wood and a wood worker that enters his sales under leather. Exhibitors think that if a medium has low sales it will eliminate competition for the following year.

    Last month there was an interesting letter to Sunshine Artist on the lack of accuracy in reported sales and how accurate Paragon's numbers were because the sampling was from a much greater number of artists. And then Chris Hoyt posted a link to a thread on the subject on the Sunshine Artist forum.

    Larry Berman

    • Thank you Larry, I am glad to know that I am not crazy! 


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