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We heard that the St. James Court Art Show in Louisville KY is a great art show.  (We heard this when particiating at the Berea Crafts show in KY which was a great show but not as strong for 2D.) My husband works in guache and pastel and we are trying to determine 1) overall, the best art fairs to apply to, and then 2) the best location at the St. James fair.  We've heard St. James has several sections ranging from fine art to everything else. Each section is separately run and at this time, applications are being accepted for the Belgravia section but not the others. Can anyone provide feedback on this event and the different sections please?  Many thanks in advance!


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  • Mary-
    I am the Director of the St James Ct. section of the show. I have compiled a brief explanation of our shows. When people call me or email this is what I send to them. At this time Belgravia is the only application open on Zapp. St James Ct. will have their app open at the end of November. I'm sure the others will too.

    Summary of Differences of the Sections of The St James Court Art Show
    All 6 areas have good traffic flow. When a patron comes to the Art Show they don’t really know when they are walking from one section into another. We don’t advertise the different sections to the public. There are several differences that I like to tell artists about. You are welcome to call me and I can explain further.

    4 sections are listed on Zapplication and only take digital images and applications through Zapp.
    The other 2 sections, West End Baptist Church and 1300 Association only take paper applications which can be downloaded on our web site under “Artist Corner”.

    Fine Art & Craft and Art & Craft:
    Belgravia and St James Courts tend to have the most of fine art and craft (approximately 90%). All the other sections except for The West End Baptist Church also have fine art however there are art and craft exhibitors also.
    Both 3rd and 4th Streets USED TO HAVE art and craft buy/sell but they have gotten rid of those people and have stepped up the quality in the past few years.

    Parking: You can park behind your booth space all weekend long on 3rd St.(Both South Third St. and 1300 Association) The other streets have off site parking – first come first served.
    Belgravia Ct. is pedestrian only so you will have to dolly your work in from the car/truck but not very far.
    • Thanks Marguerite and Travis! My apologies for the delay in responding, it's been crazy! That would lead to the next question of how to manage it all! :-) We've started applying to shows and had a great opportunity to sit in on the Jury Review for the 2011 Artisphere show in SC. Our fingers are crossed for that feedback, but I feel for the jury, that is a tough job!

      On that note, Marguerite, if possible, I'd look forward to setting up a time to speak with you about your work with the St. James Court show. What is the best way to reach you? Please advise, thanks!
      • Mary-
        Please email me at mesrock@stjamescourtartshow.com and if we need to talk by phone we can do that.
    • Each of the shows has it's good points. The bottom line is that you will have terrific crowds in whichever show you apply to. I suggest you apply to them all and do the one that invites you. You can decide where you really belong once you see it all. Probably you will like wherever you land.
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