Austin, TX

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Berkeley California Co-op. 1972 ($5 booth fee)

What are the best things about art fairs

Artists & Artisans

Best show ever and why

Love them all. No, really.

Worst show ever and why

Dallas 500 Artfest (now renamed) because they get it wrong in a new way every year. From bad to worse to OMG.

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  • Thanks for the Bonita wrap up, Travis. I know many are curious how things are going to go for Barry and gang at this new location. Hope it works for him and all of you. Great to hear from you again.
  • Sushi to you, Travis! Thanks for your report on Beaux Arts and all the contributions you make to AFI. It is seasoned artists like you who really make the site a resource for the rest of the guys!
  • I love your profile picture. I wonder who took it :)
  • Here's to a great birthday for you Travis! Only the best - some Dom Perignon to make the day perfect.

    May the coming year bring you safe travels and many excellent adventures.
  • Keep up the great networking! Thanks for referring Christina too!
  • Hey Travis, thanks for referring Patricia to the site!
  • Many, many thanks for all your support!
  • should be fun, I'm leaving for Pairie Village in a few hours.
  • Congrats, Travis, on getting the photo posted. It looks great!
  • Welcome to ArtFairInsiders.com, Travis. I'm pleased to see you here and look forward to getting to know you.

    When you have a chance, please add a photo to your profile and stop by the Discussions area to introduce yourself. We all look forward to your participation here. Also visit the "member map" and add your location. We have a lot to offer one another, experienced and newbie alike. Let's make this a dynamic site!

    Best wishes,
    Connie Mettler

    p.s. The best way to make this system easy to use is to click on the "Follow-Email me" link at the bottom of each Forum discussion that interests you. That way the system will email you automatically whenever anyone responds. It's a great time-saver.
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