I recently purchased used Pro Panels. They came with the supports, but several have bent connectors. Not sure what to call them. The round holes that connect to the top of the panel is out of round. I called ProPanels and they said just used large screwdriver to reshape. I tried that, but can't find a screwdriver or anything else that will bend. See attached photo. Anyone have any suggestions? Sherry


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  • You can try using something like 1/2 inch electrical conduit to force into the hole. That's what the panel frames are made from. But in general, as long as the actual panels aren't bent, you can also purchase a few supports if you really need them. I rarely used my supports though I traveled with them for years. I just connected the panels to the legs of my canopy.

    Larry Berman

    • I went to Lowe's yesterday and did not see those, but will look today. Thank you. I have to admit that I think the supports are distracting.
      • You'll find the EMT tubing back in the electrical department. You can get a short piece for minimal cost. It looks like the other end of the support isn't mashed out of round. Slide the 1/2 tubing in from the other side and hammer the tubing through to round it back out. You'll probably still need to use a big screwdriver to finish opening up the support but it will be a lot easier than what you have now.


        • Thank you! Yes, the other side is round. This hole is bent on 3 of the supports, so I'm assuming they are easy to bend? ...not easy to bend back I can promise that.

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