• I have two purchased pop up lightboxes but tend to use my homemade one in natural light more.  


    Its simple to make - you need two sheets of white cardboard, one of them quite heavy for the base.   Cut the heavy one in half then with the lighter weight cardboard, cut an inch long slit every inch or two along the long side.  Bend the slits back.  Then sit it in a semi circle on the base board with the slit pieces towards the back lying flat and tape them  down.  


    I've found this catches the light and bounces it back well when used near a window (but not in direct sun) and gives you access to various views of the piece to photograph (top, semi-sides, front). 


    I also place the item to photograph on a sheet of white paper which I can move around and slightly up the side if the piece is photographed at eye level so that you don't see the join between the two cardboard sheets (which can cast a small shadow).  You can always throw away the white sheet of paper if it gets marks on it and it keeps the base board clean.

    • Annette, you can also cut slits in the sides and use a piece of plexiglass mounted in the slits a distance above the base.  you can then use different shades of paper on the bottom and get a cool dimensional effect in your pictures.


      • I am having a hard time picturing what you are describing.  What does the plexiglass do?
        • Here is a sample of a picture taken this way. 


          • cool, now I get it, thanks!
    • Are you photographing your jewelry on white for jury slides or just for your web site. Jewelry on a white background is the kiss of death in the jury room as it blinds the jurors.

      Larry Berman
      • I am just asking for general use, I realize that the white is a no-no, thanks!  :)
        • If you buy it all in a "kit" it comes with backgrounds and the correct lighting. That is why we paid the extra money for the kit. We are jewellery too not photographers. We needed it to be fool proof. Good luck.
          • thanks Calie!
      • I'm in Australia Larry, we don't have juries  (we don't have many art fairs either!)  so mine is just for website use and my records.
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