I just received my acceptance to the 6 day show in OKC for 2011 and was wondering if anyone out there had any advice as to my booth request.  I was thinking either near festival plaza or one of the entrances.  Is one entrance better than the other?  How is it being near the stage?  Any help is appreciated!


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  • I live in OKC and have done the show the last 7 years.  It's the best around at treating the artists.  It's put on by the OKC arts council and there are many, many, volunteers from through out the OKC community.  Your artist's friend booth sitter might be the CEO or president of a local corporation and the guy or gal that brings you a coke might be a partner in one of the downtown law firms.  In other words, people here really get behind the show.  Some of these volunteers will be buyers as well.  There are really no bad booth locations here.  I've been all over and sold well every year.  One difference this year, and don't panic because this will not stop this good show, but OKC is in the midst of a downtown makeover and the streets all around the festival are torn up for replacement.  Also the Devon Tower, a 50 story building is going up across the street.  There will be some frustration, but the community supports this so well (the Devon people are very big supporters of the show as well), that it will still be a good show.  At the moment, the street that the show is on, is mostly closed down for rebuilding the Myriad Gardens, but it will be open just in time for the show.  I think you answered a question of mine about Vail last year, so I thought I would reciprocate.  I'm a native OKC guy, and the city is getting better and better, but with progress there will be a need for patience.  You won't regret coming, and I'm glad you made it in.  Here is your first welcome to OKC.  The weather is always a real mixture in OKC in April.  We will have some cold days, some warm days, some rain, and some wind, and some sunshine, and maybe a tornado warning during the show, but don't worry, it's all normal here and it has never kept this show or the buyers down!
  • Ditto being on the main aisle, facing into the center. Also, a little known fact: you can contact the city traffic department and pay to have a parking meter "Bagged" for the festival. This reserves you a space on the street, near the festival. Whenever you drive away from it just place a traffic cone it it and it will (hopefully) be empty when you get back.
    • Are you kidding me? What a great revenue stream for the city! LOL! Thanks for the advice, guys. I'll take a look at the map again.

  • I don't think being near the entrances makes a difference unless you want to park where you can work inventory from your vehicle. But I would ask for a space facing the middle of the street (and the booths across from you) rather than a booth facing the sidewalk.

    That's based on my experience there in the mid 1990's.

    Larry Berman
    Digital Jury Services
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