New (to us) Camera & a Light Box

Hi Everyone,

I am excited to report I have some new equipment that should make photographing our coasters, trivets and plaques easier.  We got a new to us Olympus E-510 & a light box with 2 lights & 4 different colored backgrounds (black, white, blue, red).  The light box came with a tripod but it did not work with our camera for this setting.

Dh, a hobbyist photographer set it up for me.  He worked with the setting to get the photos I am showing here.  We used the remote control to take the photos.  We tried it with the lights outside the box to get a diffused light.  Then we tried it with the lights inside the front of the box, which is how we took the photos included here.

I needed only a slight crop for each photo.  I did not use any other retouching or alterations on the photos.  Well, one photo was slightly skewed so I straightened it.

1719 I-P-Blue.jpg

1506 I-SS-Blk.jpg

2715 S-D-Brn.jpg

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  • Much better than the original images you posted. But the images still need to be adjusted for color and contrast. I've edited one of the images as if I were preparing it for jurying and reduced the size to 300 pixels so it can be placed next to your original and embedded it in this thread.


    Larry Berman

    • Thanks Larry your first statement made my day!  As I stated, I didn't take time to "fix" anything ... to see what the response would be with unaltered photos.  I plan on taking a bunch more today, mostly because it is a desperately needed task I need to do, but also to practice.  Then I will get some editing done as needed.  Thanks again for your input.

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