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Have a new booth photo for 2016 and looking for suggestions and opinions. My media is Wood. This was an indoor shot and don't know how many festivals will only take outdoor shots.

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Not what you want to hear but, an outdoor booth under a white canopy is good for about 95% of the shows. An indoor booth is only good for indoor shows.

Larry Berman


I had the impression that if the prospectus did not mention that the booth photo had to be an outdoor shot with part of the canopy showing that it did not matter. Seems a lot of them don't mention it.  Your thoughts?

I don't think about what the show application doesn't specify. Usually the booth image is used to break ties in a particular medium category. What I do care about is that you should never give them a reason to not accept you.

Larry Berman

It looks very good Robert. One thought would be to remove the two purple stands in the center and have more of an open look.

Straightening the top of the photo with the poles is another thought.

A lot of outdoor festivals ask for an outdoor photo with some of the tent showing. Extra work but worth it.

Thanks Greg, maybe just use this photo for indoor shows.


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