Need glue recommendation

I'm "attempting" to do some beaded work on pewter bowls, stainless steel salad servers, and the like. I can't seem to find a good glue that sticks glass to silver or other smooth surfaces. I've tried the two-part epoxy but one use and the tip is permanently glued shut (and good luck if you get it on anything else!). Does anyone have any recommendations? Thank you!

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  • try ""

    they try to provide best glue for any application

  • There is a great website all about gluing things:

    Robin Ragsdale

    • great site thanks for letting us know about it


  • I have extensive experience with trying to find the right glue/adhesive. In my case, I use adhesive to make stud earrings invlolving glueing pearls to silver.  The best choice is devcon 2t epoxy.  Devcon also makes a 5 minute glue, this is nearly as good, but must be mixed in small batches due to very short (less than 5 min in my opinion) use time.  You can use round toothpicks to mix it. If a small drop is needed, a  large needle to apply it.  Devcon 2t will yellow over time, so if glue areas are visible the next best, very good choice is hughes epoxy 330, it drys clear.  Devcon is available at hardware stores, it's srynge type wity two barrels makes getting the right mixing proportions easy.

    W. Lloyd Patterson
    Gemlogist GIA CErtified

  • Although I have not used this yet, I just ordered triolyse adhedsive to glue silver bails to fused glass pendants from Dephi Glass It was recommended to me. Good luck
  • Actually, thanks to all your responses, I bought some E-6000 and Epoxy 330. Thought I would try both since each of them have been recommended quite a bit. I appreciate you all helping me out - I'll let you know it goes!
  • Have you tried e6000? You can find it at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. I know for sure it works with metal.
  • You can use epoxy - but you need to get two part that comes in two seperate bottles. That way you squirt some of each part on a paper plate and then mix them together. That way neither bottle gets gunked up. Epoxy 330 is clear and comes in (I think) 4 oz and 8 oz bottles. I got it from Rio Grande, but I'm sure you can find it on the web somewhere.

  • I don't work with adhesives, but I seem to remember this being recommended:

    Larry Berman
    Digital Jury Services
    Art Show Tips Blog
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