I purchased (2) 60w Super Clamp lights from Show Off Lighting but am struggling with choosing a battery powerful enough to power them all day. I'm looking into pure sine wave inverters but that can cost $1,000+ (Yikes). If I do go that route, I have no idea how to recharge the sine wave converter and corresponding battery overnight. Is there a more affordable 'conventional' battery anyone can recommend? My lights have fans to cool them so they do use a good amount of power. Also, many shows I attend do not allow gas generators so that is not an option.

Any recommendations? Thanks so much.

Jennifer Moffitt

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  • Jennifer, 

    Last year I bought a sine wave from Jackery. This allowed me to do shows without available electricity. In the past I had to apply only to shows with electricity because my glass work requires back lighting. I use 7 LED flood lights that require 15 watts each. The unit recharges overnight in the hotel room.

    • Thanks so much for sharing. My eyes feel blurry from all of the research I've been designing a revamp for my tent to get up to the next level of art shows. I just purchased a Bluetti 2000w portable power station. Pricey, but sounds like the answer to what I need.

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