Has anyone applied and gotten in to this show?

I applied last year and I didn't get in.  Today I was reviewing my application in Zapp to see what photos I sent them.  I see there is a link like "jury details" or something like that.  I clicked on it, and it says 140 artists were invited without having to apply.  It has in the comments at the bottom something about they like to invite lots of artists, because some won't show up and they like to have a large wait list.

So I go look at the info for the 2014 show.  The "jury details" link is empty this time.  I had to look up their web page to find how many artists are at this show.  According to their web site they have "over 100 artists".  Yet they invite 140.  I am not going to waste my money applying for this show any more.

I did not notice that "jury details" link before, but if there's anything there, it can contain some valuable information on the jury process for that show.  Too bad in the case of Naperville, it's apparently available only after you apply instead of before.

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  • Don't worry about not getting in. I did the show a couple of years ago and had terrible almost non-existent sales as did everyone around me. The ladies who put the show on are nice, and they throw a very nice artist party. But neither of those wonderful attributes compensates for poor advertising, and low crowd turnout.

    I've already blanked out the year I did it, but the heat was terrible to the point where four of us back to back and next to each other managed to attach our rear tarps together to make a large tent for shade. The first thing we noticed was that all of us down in our corner of the show were all new to it. No repeat artists; not a good sign.

    The location was nice, inside a fenced in historic settlement living museum. The turnout was simply abysmal and of the 10-12 artists I had talked to around me, none made expenses and none were planning to return. We thought the show remained alive due to artist confusion with the Riverwalk show in town later that summer. Don't waste any more money on that show.

    • Thanks!  Now I don't feel so bad.  I would have thought that would be a great demographic area to do a show in.  If all the artists are new, that certainly isn't a good sign.  I won't waste my time worrying about it anymore.

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