is anyone doing craftsmorristown in march, seems like it costs $125.00 to register to sell craft and collect sales tax....even if you do only one show a year???  i dont understand the it in case you dont pay the sales tax??

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  • I did Craftsmorristown, the Holiday show. If you contact the tax department in NJ you can register as a seasonal business, and there is no fee. You just send them your collected sales tax within 30 days. The fee is if you are registering as a permanent business in NJ.
  •  A note regarding sales tax payments to new exhibitors: Do not forget to file your quarterly returns even if you had no sales. They get very upset with this. 25 years ago, when we did pottery in Connecticut, I did not file the zero returns. There was a subpoena for my arrest. I wrote a letter back stating I was stupid and please forgive me. I never heard from them about it again. I assume it was tacked up in some office. Don't do what I did! Remember to file, always.

    Howard Rose

    Rose Squared Productions, Inc.

    • Howard, at the beginning, I did the same thing here in Illinois.

      The other day, I got a letter saying that I was late with my payment and assessing me a penalty. Thank goodness I saved my payment confirmation as a pdf! I faxed it to them and have heard nothing back. Electronic filing is great, but you still need to back up everything and save your confirmations!

    • That was Connecticut. I remember similar stories in New Jersey. State tax people showing up at Craft Producers Flemington fairground and holding vehicles or stock hostage for back payment of taxes in cash.

      Larry Berman
      Art Show Jury Services
      • Larry,

        That's just what they are. Stories.

        I have dealt with the NJ tax people at a show. We didn't file the previous quarter's return and they showed up at our booth on Friday. This guy who looked like G. Gordon Liddy flashed his gold badge and informed us they didn't get our quarterly return.

        He was very professional and told us to file it as soon as we got back home. There would be a fine for not filing but it was only about $50.

        There was no demand for back taxes in cash or anything like that.

        However... Another exhibitor started giving him an argument. He then threatened to shut the booth down for non payment of taxes.

        So. If you ever get confronted by the tax people in New Jersey, be professional and they will be too.

        • I am in total agreement with this. If you do shows in New Jersey make sure you have the license, always file the quarterlies, even if you didn't do any shows there that quarter, and don't suspend your license unless you are sure you are never going back. The tax people in NJ are very thorough and do follow up on collections. Plus, like Chris says, always be polite and tell them of your intentions on paying the tax. This goes not only for NJ but for any state where they show up at your booth to collect sales tax. Politeness and good intent will always pay off in the long run. This applies, as you know, to any time you are dealing with the law, humility and good manners pay off with the traffic police also.


          I was on a jury last week where someone abused the state trooper verbally, not a good idea, ever.

          • Connie: What was a state trooper doing at an art show jury?  Or was this a jury trial (in court)?   Either way, I agree with your point...just curious!
            • funny....actually two weeks ago I was on a jury for a criminal case...then last week I was on the jury for an art fair...its been a strange month. There were no state troopers at the latter jury.
  • Denice, does the state of NJ charge you to register yourself as a business and assign you a tax number?
    • yes, you file as a business, but i believe you give them your EIN(employee identification number). it seems, artrider could post this info on their website, of course it may turn exhibitors away, but im wondering if all NJ shows enforce a business permit in every booth, ..maybe its different because its an indoor show?
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