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Print Racks

I am considering making my own but would rather just purchase, if I can find them.

Different than the Richeson style I have.

What I desire:

Print racks:

A) Fairly deep gusset, greater than 9" to accommodate the many prints I'd like to fill.

B) As co

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Trimline Frosty Top?

I am finally biting the bullet, opening the wallet, opting for less stress and getting a Trimline. I do pottery and light is extremely important. I am fairly sure I am going with the all frosty top but the Flourish folks said hotter than just the str

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Vendor Cheer becomes a Jeer

I inherited an EZ-UP Eclipse II (Pro model) tent from a previous employer. It had a blue top but otherwise was in perfect condition.

I retired my old tent, ordered a new top and walls from and waited.

I got the tent top and walls, insta

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