I recently got a Light Dome.  However, I am unable to pull on the top by myself.  I called Creative Energies and they suggested asking other people in the same situation, basically short, weak, and alone.  If you are in the same boat, how do you pull on your Light Dome top?  Thanks.

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  • Hi Delphine, I have a Light Dome and once the framework is together but not raised find easiest to start at the front. I have my top folded half (outside together) and half left to right. I stand in the middle and start with putting one corner on , go to the right and put the corner on keeping most of the weight on the that top rail. Then I start working it to the middle and pulling the back corners left /right/left /right. It might help to have a broom or such at hand to get it over the peak. After that it is real easy to pull the corners over. I am 5'7" and do not have strong arms might I manage it that way by myself.

    • Agree it's about pulling it over before raising the height. And to be honest there are usually enough people milling around to ask for a hand for a few minutes.
      • I am a 5' 2" woman and I can put the top on my light dome alone.  I hang 4 foot bungees or you could use ropes on the loops on the four corner.  I put the top on when the frame is together but not raised.  I pull one side as far over as I can usually about half way, and then hook it to the frame with the bungee attached to that corner.  I then hold onto the bungee on the opposite corner and use that to pull it over the top.  By using the bungee I effectively extend my arm an extra 4 feet.  Once I have one corner over the top, I snap it in place.  I then go back to the one that was half way over and pull that the rest of the way with my bungee.  It can take a little longer, but it works.

  • Can you put just the top's framework together on the ground and put the vinyl on it the same as is done with a Trimline and then install the legs?

    I'm not sure how different the Light Dome is from a Trimline but I couldn't imagine trying to put the top on it once it is raised up with the legs.

    • Actually, that can't be done the way the Light Dome is built.  Thanks, anyways.

  • I don't "pull" it on.  I get it started with one end over the front.  Then I stand inside and push up on it gradually working it up and over the supports.  I'm tall but when my booth was taller I used a little step stool.

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