I have a 10x20 Trimline Canopy Top for sale. Purchased by original owner in 2007 but they only did indoor shows and never used the canopy. I purchased the set-up from them last year but I only do a 10x10 booth, so  I do not need the larger canopy. I have photos, will send upon request. This top really is a beauty - has literally NEVERY BEEN USED!! I will also include the giant Trimline drawstring bag with sale. 

$450 if you pickup in 53590, will ship if you pay shipping charges. 

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  • Is the canopy still available? I’m interested

    • yes, it is still available!!

  • This canopy top is still available!!

  • Trivia question: Who is the most famous artist born in Sun Prairie, WI? No googling allowed.

  • Hello;

    I'll get in line behind Alan. Could you also provide pics of the tent set up please.

    Thanks in advance!

    Mike B-


    • Hi Mike, 

      Alan just emailed that something came up and he cannot take the tent canopy, so it's yours if you are still interested...


      • Hi Revecca;

        I'll have to back out as I found a local canopy.

        Thank you,

        Mike B-

  • Hi Alan,
    Yes, it is still available. I’m out of town but will be back mid-afternoon tomorrow.
    Ive only taken photos of the canopy flat on the driveway but can set it up and take more photos tomorrow. I’ll send them by the end of the day.

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