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Hi, I'm pretty new to this scene. I've been doing shows outside so far this year where lighting has not really been an issue. I'll be headed inside soon and am thinking about purchasing lights for my jewelry displays. I'd love to hear pros and cons on different types of lights. Also, are LED lights bright enough to light up a display if they are mounted on the top of your canopy?


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We use small halogens with a track lighting system, works pretty well for us. I'm too lazy to look up the bulb type but it's a really common small spotlight with the reflector built in. For our jewelry case, we have a halogen light bar thing with three bulbs.

I'm playing around with LED case lighting. Costco has a really inexpensive setup- It's a Pelion Link-Lite for less than $30. Has 6 one foot light bars and an AC power supply.

Don't know about your application for LEDs, my impression is that they are not good enough yet, but I don't know.
This might be what Don is talking about:

Larry Berman
Digital J u r y Services
I just ordered a jewelry case but I'm too poor or too cheap to buy an Arizona case with lights so I just bought an unlit case from a supply company online. I'm interested in how I can light the inside of the case. Also - sorry to be so dense, but how do you attach the track ligting bar. Right now I am using clip on lights that aren't very attractive. I am trying to upgrade my booth set up.

Who knows, Larry, professional pics may be in the near future.
You need to jury rig a cross bar over the front of the cases, either coming up off your table or across your canopy. The track from Home Depot is only four feet across so two can be connected to be eight feet across for inside a canopy. Next time you do or visit a show, look at what other artists are using for lights.

Larry Berman
Digital J u r y Services
Thanks - going down to Covered Bridge Festival in Washington County, Pa this weekend. I will look.

I have a whole setup for sale, willing to break it up. 

Track lights, single lights, bulbs....

2 types of cases, the Jahabow are lit inside (I used these for inside shows) 

Dynamic Display cases no lights for outside shows 



Pretty much for an inside show, I used the Jahabow cases, which are lit inside. Then attached single lights to light my posters and other "spots". I attached track lights to bars from walls, or tents.  




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