I purchased the Flourish black softwall and an ABC Canopy. So far I've done two shows and it seems like no matter what I do I can't get the softwalls to be tight. I have metal prints that I put on with S hooks and they just sag down because the walls are so loose. Is there a way to make sure they stay taut?

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  • Use upper and lower stabars. I see too many people using lower stabars only and tying the upper straps into the pop-up tent struts. There is too much flexing on the struts to pull everything taut and keep it taut. Metal prints are very lightweight and shouldn't be causing sagging to any appreciable degree.


  • I used to have some of the same trouble with heavier pieces so began using a modified hanging system from STAS using their steel loop cables and zippers. So much easier for me. The only thing I hang on my mesh walls are the price tags. As always, however, listen to Larry about the stabars. They're critcal.

  • I'm a beginner but purchasing the same setup.  From my research:  Maybe something like these Stabars would help to pull the mesh tight 4 ways?  https://www.flourishdisplays.com/other_brands.  I'm actually going to try building my own stabars.


    • The purpose of the stabars is to prevent the tent from twisting in the wind, as well as supporting the mesh walls. Keep that in mind when constructing your own.

      Larry Berman

      • Yes! Thanks Larry!  Absolutely, that's my intent is to make it stronger.  I may end up purchasing the Flourish stabars, but I have a guy friend helping me and he can build anything, If successful, it can help me get started without creating too much risk of loss especially to my neighboring booths at a show.  I would like to start out with one day shows if I can get in so not to worry about overnight weather at least.


  • Use strap hangers from Flourish that go over the top bars of the canopy and let the frame of the canopy absorb the weight. Then hang the pieces in front of the walls. When I used mesh walls, I never put hooks into the mesh so they always looked perfect and the work hung perfectly level.

    Larry Berman

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